Hello world!

Monday, July 23rd, 2012


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Happy blogging!

this an attempt to connect

i am using ‘WordPress‘ because i had curiosity about HTML, pHp, java, SQL et al. and wanted to keep up with the world after the vision had seemed to have become the reality.

i also wish to explore and record some of my arts focused interests – the seeming paradox of using an instrument of technology to explore the arts is not a paradox at all in the 21st century – nearly all the people in the ‘first world’ who remember the days before we all used the iPad are on the web anyway. Andy Warhol may have approved.

iconic painting of a Campbell's Soup can by Andy Warhol (tomato)

the theme i am using was on my ‘to do’ list for about one day – then i discovered that it has been done. Thanks Stuart (great web address)

i’ll probably ask for lots of forgiveness, because i don’t forgive myself often.
i do not wish for this to be a place where i bare my soul – only a place where i may admit to myself i admire a diverse range of people who are able to do things that i cannot.

i aim to throw all things that capture my imagination at this blog, then see how it looks later. i would like to be able to work without pretensions, self censorship or retrospective alterations or edits. i will claim now that this is what i have done.



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