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Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

all uses of imagery and iconography are non-commercial and there is definitely no desire to imply endorsement by any company or individual owning the copyright to any trademarks or similar used in these pages. clever lawyers have already spent years and consumed a vast amount of resources in attempts to clarify the implications and costs of trademarked images. my statement of ethics would explain to you that i have no source of income and hence, i assume, no conflicts of interest or ulterior motive.

i have no desire to offend or upset any person or other legal entity – if i have already crossed these boundaries then please inform me and i shall make the necessary adjustments.

the pictures and icons are eye-candy. there is certainly a cultural debate to be had about this use of icons (in a narrow sense) as a communication tool. it runs parallel to the debates about the genius of Steve Jobs and the first uses of a GUI in popular computing. i do not intend to confuse by adding to a miasma of pseudo quasi-legal mumbo-jumbo.

you know who you are.
coloured logo of 'neon designs' ™ not released in the public domain ©


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