Saturday, July 28th, 2012

a quick, open note to STUART BROWN and other capable and interested individuals.
if you use this theme, or even simply visit pages such as these that use this theme, do you find yourself automatically clicking the close box in the top left-hand corner of the post/page?

this is a thread for the ‘WordPress’ themes forum – if you are not quick i have already opened a topic there.

(Sept 2012 -UPDATE: Thread is closed (nil response))

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there is a debate to resolve about re-inventing the wheel and the usefulness of the idea of attempting to recreate the original Mac user experience in its entirety in ‘WordPress’. i’ve not completely worked out if i think it is a good idea myself – i simply thought that the retro design of this theme would be visually appealing – and then i discovered that Mr. Brown had already implemented the idea with a great deal of success.
i am presently blogging with this theme to investigate the possibilities, and found myself constantly trying to close the post ‘window’ by clicking the close box.
i do know that many learned textbooks have been produced on the Graphical User Interface – a new topic in computing and the world in the late 1970s/early 1980s. Now, with Mac OS X(bigcat), Windows Vista, et al. the fine details are overtaking the concept and the problems of memory, speed of access, interconnection and so forth dominate thought in computer science; ease of use is almost taken for granted and we are all assumed to have learnt the language of interaction. this is a simply an open question, although it is not just about mystery meat navigation.
‘WordPress’ themes seem to be platform independent and those that i have the pleasure of using are incredibly functional already. i only wonder if Stuart Brown or the theme thread moderators have any thoughts to add before i lose myself in historical research?
as always, any help or input, feedback, etc. is welcome.

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