Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Dr Bunsen Honeydew

are you looking for a different web log?

link to chempaths
from the ‘personalise message’ space:
……  You should be informed that I intend to use this blog as a repository for a scrapbook of items from the web that I wish to develop when I have the time. This means that posts are random, scattered and unstructured, and reflect no theme. Given time, some order may appear as I battle entropy, although this may entail a long wait.
Because I live where the internet is something new, most of the projects that I dream of have already been initiated (google, ebay, pinterest, reddit et al.)
and sorry, I am not an artist – following this blog may lead you to the realms of computer science (what can be achieved with Ruby on Rails?).
In fact, the chosen theme speaks volumes – if you use an iPad you have already arrived at where I aimed for the first time that I saw a smiley Mac startup screen.

picture of the 'smiley mac' icon (Susan Kare)


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